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A girl who met RDJ and Susan on July 10:

“So today started off like any other day. I was bored out of my mind, and I really didn’t want to go to work. Work was the last thing I wanted to do. But I’m like, well it’s going to be the last week, I got this! So I got into my car and went to boring old wal-mart.

I mainly kept my head down all day. Sustain pleasantries when it came easy. By 93o-ish I was exhausted, and really I just got the people out as fast as I could. This man, a little baby, and his wife came through my line. I started checking out their baby food, and toothpaste. 

The man goes, “That’s a cool lanyard,”

I blush and go, “Thanks, a lot of people like it,”

“Whose your favorite super hero?” he asks.

“Iron Man,” I reply without hesitation.

“Oh, do you like Iron Man cause of Iron Man or because of Robert Downey Jr.?”

I blush once again and say, “Well, my best friend and I joke and say that we may never know the answer to that question”

“So why do you love Robert Downey Jr. so much?” he asks me.

All the while this is going on I look at his wife, and she’s like giving him this look like, “You’re so mean and crazy’ which was very confusing.

I say, “Well he’s like the perfect example of what forgiveness gives you, he’s taught me that you’re never so far gone that you can’t get forgiveness. he also shows that a man’s character isn’t measure by how many mistakes they’ve made but how many they’ve tried to cover up,” I felt like a total idiot saying all this to a total stranger.

By this time I was done with all of his stuff and he was paying with a credit card, and he gives me his ID, and I go, “Wholly hell you’re Robert Downey Jr.”

That’s when he starts to laugh and his wife looks at me and goes, “I’m sorry, he does this a lot”

I was totally in shock, and didn’t know what to say and he’s like, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist, you’re the first person to last until I give you my ID,”

I still didn’t know what to do but laugh cause it was kind of funny. It was something purely Robert Downey Jr. like.

“Since you’re so awesome, you can have my autograph,” he smmiled and asked for a pen and some paper. I gave it to him and he totally gave me his autograph!!!!!

This was by far the best night of my life!!!!! Not only did I get to meet a man I really admire. (I call him my pretend father) but I got to tell him how much I admired him without the fangirl tears involved.

This also taught me a lesson that I should really go to work! I was two seconds away from blowing it off all together, and all through the day I’m like, “Maybe I should go home.” But nope I stayed and it really paid off! lol!”

(Source: HolleyWholly, whose permission was asked before this was posted here)

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